Our Fees

Only few years ago, a cross border litigation required unthinkable expertise and costs. Our services have been streamlined to allow you the benefit of our international experience and networking with no unnecessary cost involved. Our fees are based on National Standards of the nature of controversy.

We normally work on a scale of fees that keeps also in account your annual income. In any case, upon instructing any member of our practice group, you will receive a concise and detailed explanation of the predictable fees: a retainer is normally requested.

Under certain special conditions we may take cases for a contingency or -more frequently- on a mixed basis: flat fee and contingency depending on the outcome.

Due to a modification of the Law on insusurance coverage for lawyers a first consultation cannot come for free any longer. Please ask for a fixed fee consultation which will be tailored on your needs.

If your case needs a more in depth examination you will be informed during the consuiltation. In this case the study of the case may be charged at our normal fees.

Fees Senior 300 p/h

Fees Junior 100 p/h